mercredi 30 avril 2008

A room of his own, sans Sam

Organizing a year's worth of school papers,
as the year winds up to end

I was halfway up (or down) the attic trap ladder, trying to figure out from where the classical music was coming, when I heard, "Mom? Could you open the door?" Why sure! I am usually the one asking if I may.

"What's up?" I asked, peering in. There, all around Sam, where he was sitting on the chair that turns into a mattress, were piles of paper. He was bent forward, slipping another into its slot in the stacking trays I had bought with him for this purpose last September, and then spent the next several months begging him to use.

"Could you get me some more of these?" Sure! Yes! Of course! Anything that might boost the results.

"Sure. How many do you need? And, what is that you are listening to?"

"Beethoven. My iPod came with a bunch of classical music -- Beethoven, Brahams, Chopin, Tchaikovsky -- and it's good to study to. I want to divide history and geography, and --" I had stopped listening to him. My ears were ringing from the shock. My 16 1/2-year-old son was sitting in his jeans with no t-shirt in the middle of his room, organizing hundreds of sheets of paper by subject, and maybe even by date, while listening to Beethoven.

Did anyone feel the earth shift under their feet yesterday and wonder why?

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