jeudi 12 juin 2008

Elle est à moi, my motorcicle!

BMW F 650 CS

I am about to head out to Viroflay for dinner at Anne-Sophie and Gilles' with friends, my first solo ride outside the bounds of Mantes la Jolie, et ses environs, since I picked it up yesterday. The clouds are parting, taking the morning's rain with them, so I will take advantage of the opportunity to go show it off this evening.

I'll have helmet hair, but that's not worse than the perpetual bags under my eyes I have acquired in the last couple of years, along with the gray hairs that stick straight up, lightened very expensively chemically or not.

Oh well, they say that riding a motorcycle at least gives you a positive image in the eyes of the youth, even if it can't return your own.

Bonne route!

My "Ma", who took me to see Alice's Restaurant in Syracuse, NY in 1969 when I was 8 years old and singing Suite: Judy Blue Eyes to myself when absolutely no one was listening to me, reminded me of this song in her congratulatory email to me on my motorcicle.

Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now. Bring back '69.

Keep on dreamin' and... GOBama!

Tell everyone, and let's take back what they took away in their fear, the lock and laughter the key to your heart, a great United States of America that was heading places we were just beginning to imagine, from all with which we began, and everything which generations of soldiers fought to protect. We can make the country great again, we can provide universal affordable health care to all Americans, bring our soldiers home and work with our international partners to bring peace and find the solutions to power our grids, businesses, cars and heat our homes and baths, respecting our tiny, beautiful planet, reaching out between the races, the sexes, the religions to the common point of humanity that makes us one, laughing in joy together.

At 3 liters/100 km at a sustained 90km/h and 4,1 liters/100 km at 120km/h, I am making one small contribution.

And I am full of joy riding in the night, almost alone on an open highway, the sky above, the pavement below and the smells all around in the wind.

And I am full of joy exchanging emails with all kinds of people I have never met, who tell me now about their disappointment at a job not offered, the fear of continued unemployment, the hope of another interview the next week and a baby, a black baby, a great-niece born to a young couple, the father nervous, but didn't faint.

And I am full of joy making a contribution to the Obama campaign on the site of a black woman in California who has never met me, to show my support for hers.

And she is full of joy to have another friend in our effort to make a better country for all of us.

And we are full of joy, and there is enough for the world 'round and Love is coming to us all.

It was OK to say that in 1969, and maybe again in 2009.

From Youtube member jguth3:

"Arlo put together a benefit festival in the fall of 1975 for The Worthington Clinic. He invited friends to join him and it was a great time! Steve Goodman was there, Arlo's band Shenandoah backed him up for the first time. Someone asked for "The Motorcycle Song" Here it is!"

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