jeudi 3 juillet 2008

Allez, Sisyphe! Ca il y est presque!

Baccarat, and probably the last of the stumps
I will remove, behind.

I nearly stopped at 4:23 PM. Enough is enough.

But, I was so close to having this one out. Allez, just one more. You can do it.

At 4:53 PM, half an hour later, it gave under a shove with my foot. It's root system was fairly rotten, like the first ones I had taken out. The others, closer to the pool shed, had vigorous roots, and, naturally, they were still growing a few branches with leaves. These were pretty much defunct.

The time between was spent filling 35 bags with dirt and lining them up very neatly in a nice array.

I was hoping that would impress in a subliminal way, giving a sense of order to my labors.

Never mind.
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