jeudi 3 juillet 2008

Another one bites the dust... No! Not a finger...

A stump.

(You can see the red wedge stuck in the previous one.)

The three in this picture were the three biggest and toughest, so far. There are three left, not two as I would have led you to believe had you been paying attention to what I wrote before. I lost track of one. One will stay in that far corner. I'll just devitalize it, since it is behind the pool shed, which looks even more lovely now that it is exposed. Maybe I'll paint it black with tar. It actually looks nice, tar. Sort of modern, mat, goes-with-everything basic black.

The other two are at the other end, and I have to get rid of a lot of dirt and haul it in bags to the dump before I can even get close to removing them. I worked from the first stump in one direction, knowing it would bury in the first two at the other end.

The dirt has to go anyway because it is not good quality, nor is it compatible with the shrubs going in. Hydrangeas, like azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons, require an acidic soil. I bring (as you know) bags of it in. There is already a red azalea (see the entry Balenciaga party dresses) and a light pink rhododendron alongside the pool. I'd love to put in the white Azalea mollis I saw a few weeks ago at Florosny.

I'll have to complement the few hydrangeas I have with a few more to fill in that space along the wall. I have one climbing hydrangea, and I will have to get a few more of those, and perhaps some ivy to grow -- in a controlled manner -- along with it. Perhaps some Escallonia 'Iveyi', too. Good for screening, it can be clipped quite close to a wall, like ivy, and it blooms in the summer.

And perhaps a Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' -- Golden Locust -- alongside the pool shed. You can keep them pruned small.

But, that might be overkill with the fir tree.

We'll see.

Got to feed the boy before he goes off to his preparation for the French bac oral exam tomorrow morning.

By the way, the rain went away. It isn't a glorious day at all moments, but it is mercifully cooler than it has been, the sun comes out and cheers one, and, so, maybe we will be spared our usual July monsoon.

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