jeudi 24 juillet 2008

Coming full circle


And, exactly one month ago today... What a difference a month makes, 31 little back-breaking, miserable-making days.

That will do, pig.

I don't know if I can save the two hydrangeas I transplanted, but I will try.

The Acer palmatum tree went in by the largest of the two I moved down here. It might not be the best place for it, but it's a place for it.

I know it doesn't look that great right now, but it will. I hope.
It needs time to fill in, and a nice covering of ivy on the wall.



No work on the house today.

But, they want money for the materials to get off to a great start on September 1, or whatever the first working day of September will turn out to be.

Better than money for arms.


I didn't kill the Potentilla

Look, it even made new flowers.

It was a brown, nearly crispy thing in its pot. I got to it just in the nick of time.

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