mardi 1 juillet 2008

Crying Uncle?

This one might be too much
even for me

It's 10:43 AM, July 1.

I am waiting for the contractor.

The contractor is not here yet.

I cannot get back to work on my stump until he gets here. Audouin asked what I used to get the other big and heavily rooted one out.

"What I had available." I was definitely being pouty (bad weekend for the step-family from hell, and I wasn't over it).

"But! You can't do it with what you have. (Oh? I hadn't realized). Have you gone to price chainsaws?" That was a submission to my statement that we need a more powerful chainsaw, not to go and rent them every time we do, in which time you rapidly spend vastly more than the purchase price of a decent Stihl 14" chainsaw of your very own.

"No, I'll manage." He insisted. I changed the subject. I will go price chainsaws, if I can ever stop waiting and get out of the house.

When will the contractor finally get here? Do I have a message I haven't received apologizing and saying it will be this afternoon, certainly this afternoon, after lunch?

Ah, well, my Ghislaine de Féligonde is blooming again. The one with more sun much more than the one in the protection of the weeping mulberry tree. I guess I'll prune some of its branches to give the rose more light.

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