mardi 1 juillet 2008

Not on your life, but is it worth a pinkie?

You bet.

I hope I won't have to tell you what it's not worth.

My new tool

That's my new tool, with the yellow handle and green head. Thierry, at Florosny, of course, said they didn't have any gasoline powered chainsaws, when I raced in before they closed for lunch today. "It's not the season," he said, giving me that look, and asked me what I wanted it for. I had just officially killed the electric chainsaw, although I think Audouin might be able to mess with the cord and make it work.

I told him. If I thought the look was bad, it got worse, "That's not the tool for the job. Nothing eats up a chain like dirt."

"I dig around the roots first," I sort of lied because I sort of dig around the roots.

He told me that I don't want a gas chainsaw for this job. I believe in Florosny. They (sort of) believe in me. He is at least willing to discuss the right tool to remove a stump, asking why I didn't just devitalize it (because I want to remove them, that's why) with a woman, even if he thinks I am nuts. He knows me, though.

The tool is a something or another that's halfway between an ax and a mallet. It even came with a wood splitter (which is now stuck in the stump... I might explain later. Let's just leave it at an expression of my severe frustration for now), but he said you only use one in the company of another one. I bought, of course, another one (it is not stuck in the stump; I was not quite that frustrated). It also came with a pair of protective glasses. I did not use those. I am not that smart. Besides, what I needed was a pinkie protector.

I have dug around one of the last three remaining. That's enough fun for today. Time for a shower and a ride on my motorcicle to the gym for a little relaxing work out.


One thing is absolutely certain: tearing out the conifers, brambles and overgrown, out of control ivy back behind the fir tree really helps punch it out against the blue sky. That is a big plus, since it is a nice tree.

Before, it just got lost against the tangle of green and ropey ivy.

See what I mean?
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