mercredi 23 juillet 2008

Renovations, another day


So, we have had a certain number of explanations that are nearly as numerous as the number of days since they began work, but not necessarily fewer than the number of days they have worked.

We don't really know what we know, but what we think we know is that Monsieur Aubrun is not really, actually Joachim's boss, and that when I have called him to get dates or to get things straight or to get someone here period, we might have been operating under misinformation that led to a sort of misunderstanding that was leading to a problem.

We don't know why we didn't know that he isn't -- by inadvertence or something we would really rather prefer not to know -- but if it is true, and if we get clarity and performance from Joachim, then we really simply don't care.

We just want the job to get done, and be awfully good. I am (I know I say this every time, but it's true) just too pooped to write, so I'll just put in the photo and say that it's been a little rocky, our confidence has been a little shaken, we have each spoken with Joachim. We seem to have arrived at a sort of clarity, a few more precisions on dates, and hope that when things get going in September, hopefully in earnest, that they will sail on more smoothly then they began.


The hydrangeas and maples

I finished getting them in at 10:42 PM, in the deepening dark, the night before David arrived.

I have to put down more soil around them, keep watering copiously (it has been dry and getting hotter, in the low 80's), and try pruning the poor scraggly baby from the entry court. I wasn't too surprised to see that it had practically no root system when I dug it out.

I will be sad if I lose it. I don't like losing plants any more than baby birds.

I ended up having no real use for one of the maples, the slender, red-barked, yellowy green-leaved Acer Palmatum. Have to think about that.


David and Stephanie are off to Berlin on the night train, in time to join the throngs to hear Barack Obama there tomorrow evening at Victory Gate.

He promised to take all the policy points and gripes about FISA everyone on would like Barack to hear them out on, and get his book signed. He figures he'll just tell everyone he is an American, and they will let him on through the crowd and Barack will take the rest of the night to hear him, and then each and every other supporter.

But, of course we are being ironic.

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