samedi 23 août 2008

American prayer

This is the time

logandarklighter, from YouTube:

I'm glad that it's now in the open how much Obama is a cult. Usually whenever I encounter people this crazy, I smile and back slowly out of the room.

How do you demean a tremendous movement to make America beautiful? Call it a cult.

Call it what you like, but join us, or you will be left behind, wondering what swept past while you were looking back.

It won't matter.

I find myself relieved this wait for the VP choice is over, relieved that it's Biden, and looking forward to what they are going to do together.

The primary page is turned. Everyone can stop talking about their worries that Hillary would steal the show. We have a presidential ticket -- Obama - Biden -- that will win the election.

It boasts:

Articulateness (and vocabulary)
Diversity of color and age
Experience in foreign affairs and on The Hill
Working class roots
Multinational roots
Hell, it boasts roots, real ones
Commitment to Democratic ideals
The capacity for reflection and thought

Don't let me be a hog, add your own to the list. Leave a comment with your own.

Going forward, the Clinton White House is history from which we can benefit and learn as we continue our nation's work, "with these hands" look what we'll build.

Hillary Clinton will join the cabinet or remain in the Senate, and eventually replace Edward Kennedy as a senior statesperson and veteran lawmaker, or be nominated to the Supreme Court. Her supporters will vote for Barack Obama, because the alternative is unacceptable to them, too.

Bill Clinton will find his place as former president and possible adviser and deal-broker.

And, Biden. He will bring in new votes from people who were worried about everything he solves for the ticket -- connection to the working class and more conservative elements, who matter, too, and all who worried that Barack Obama was too new, untested and inexperienced, particularly to guaranty the nation's security. No one now can call it a romance with progressive America, it's a real, solid political team.

It feels right to move forward with a new ticket. It's why I couldn't bring myself to support Hillary Clinton, as much as I respect her, and would have had there not been another candidate I preferred. The 1990's and the 104th congress at ideological war with the executive branch were a nightmare in US political life.

The slate is clean, so let's write this story.

Let's bring jobs back to Americans and buy our country back from the Chinese and Saudi investors that own it today, and let's tell Americans that personal debt is their ruin at the banks' gain.

Let's bring our soldiers home from wars fought to enrich private interests and perpetuate access to oil we can learn to do without, because we aren't going to drill ourselves out of our dependence and vulnerability, financial and security.

Let's put our energy into making America run on 100% renewable sources like wind, solar and the hydrogen batteries running the cars Honda took the criticized risk to develop and is putting on California's roads.

Let's invest in public education that demands that children read and think critically, solve complex mathematical problems, imagine new technologies and use the science we can teach them to make them real to make America the leader it should be, drawing from the world over to make its people.

And, let's make the health care system Europeans enjoy as a right America's own, the only one that can work: single-payer, or at least HR676. Americans lives and our economy depend on it.

Yes we can.

To make a donation to help elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden, click here. Help me to achieve my modest goal of $1,000 for the campaign, with any amount you can contribute, and, please, send this on to anyone and everyone to help our movement grow and be strong.

Thank you.

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