mercredi 6 août 2008

Hating life, but someone's got to do it

Plastic-coated wire-screen trellis in place

You can't see it? Click on the photo. You'll see that it's there. All long the wall.

We assure you.

Audouin came home early (ish) and found me sitting on the sofa, looking more miserable than usual. My elbow and hands were killing me, not to mention the throbbing burn on my left index finger and thumb, where I had grasped a burning hot masonry drill bit a little earlier.

"I can't drill the holes for the mollies and screws," I sulked.

"What do you mean?"

"I hit the aggregate stones in the concrete blocks and the drill bit gets loose all the time, and --"

"Let me help you. That's why I came home early. I had more paperwork to do, but I left it off to help you." I tried not to look as thankful as I felt and continued to sit on the sofa while he went to put on a t-shirt and headed down back behind the pool. OK, so I am prideful.

After three or so whirs of the drill, and a few moments of silence, I saw his head bob past the window and he appeared in the living room French door, "It worked fine."

"What do you mean! How?"

"I had no problem making a hole." I didn't tell him that I had no problem making one of the few I managed painfully, either. "There's some that can, and some that can't," he smiled, not too terribly pridefully and not too unkindly.

I dragged myself like a miserable toddler down after him and we got back to work.

So, alright, we is sometimes better than I.

Tomorrow, it's ready for me to plant the three ivy plants and train them along the wire-screen.
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