dimanche 7 septembre 2008

Annie Oakley meets Joan of Arc, only in this great land

Update 1: September 8, 12:27 Paris/Madrid -- The video of McCain spokesperson Nicole Wallace on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough dismissing the media, saying "Who cares if Sarah Palin talks to you [Time Magazine]" and laughing has been pulled from YouTube in the last 12 hours since I posted it. Can you say freedom of the press and media are disappearing in the USA?

The same link was also posted posted Sept. 5 by Ali on ThinkProgress.org. Of course, you can't see it here anymore, but there is a transcript of the exchange between campaign strategist Rick Davis and Joe Scarborough, "where [Davis] suggested Palin might never sit down for an interview if, [Davis] said, it’s 'in our best interest' to keep her away from the media."

Update 2: September 8, 2:16 PM Paris/Madrid -- the video's back up on YouTube! This should be fun!

Joe and Jill Biden, Barack and Michelle Obama
Invesco Field - Denver, Colorado
August 28, 2008

Who doesn't care, Nicole Wallace?

This American public, that one, that huge one gathered to hear Senator Obama accept his party's nomination for President of the United States of America, up on top there, that public doesn't care if Governor Sarah Palin can answer specific questions posed by Time Magazine and the rest of the media on matters of domestic and foreign policy?

These Americans, the ones over here to the right, they don't care if she can answer their questions?

And what about these, I suppose these, the ones below, there, right below here, these Americans don't either? They'll be content to hear Governor Palin deliver the speeches crafted for her by Bush and the Republican's team of speech writers?

No, of course these Americans don't really care; they've already made up their minds on the issues, and are making a joyful noise before casting their votes for Senators Obama and Biden, but what about those independently-minded, undecided Independents you're hoping to win on November 4? They just might care about not getting to hear what Governor Palin has to say for herself on the issues most critical to them.

Except, of course, that even these Democrats do. Very much. They care about their country enough to protect the right of an American free press to do its work for them.

Sure, you and all of the Republicans who aren't so concerned for what their party has become that they have chosen to stay with you rather than join us to elect Senator Obama as President of the United States of America might be celebrating the success of the speech reportedly written by Matthew Scully of the White House "speech writing shop" and the creation of their Joan of Arc in the nick of time (they pray), but here's an American who cares, Ms. Wallace, and she speaks for millions of us, millions whose vote your Republican party can never touch, millions who will ensure that the Republican machine's desperate lunge to the extreme right and your cynical choice won't matter.

I asked her if I could post what she had to say here, and she answered "Yes yes and yes". Here's Patricia's rebuttal to Governor Sarah Palin's acceptance of the GOP vice presidential nomination:

i guess by now, you all have seen mrs. palin, when i first saw her, i said to my self know one should underestimate this woman and gave her the benefit of the doubt as a speaker, but when she open up her mouth and started to disrespect obama and the many people who organize their communities i just couldn't believe it.

at a time when this country needs healing you have the republicans criticizing, judging, and puttinn people down. as an african american i was appalled by her lack of sensitivity to communinty organizers, martin luther king was an organinzer and yes they do have responsibilities that she would never understand.

like keeping drugs out of our communinty that oliver north smuggled into our country and bush senior did nothing to bring him to justice.

like keeping guns out of communinty so our kids will stop killing each other. the nra doesn't care who or whom there selling these weapons too. and there ending up in our neighborhoods and our kids are dying as a result of this.

like helping youth find jobs and training programs so that they can stay off the street, just a few things i thought of. and she and rudy giuliani stood their and demean and disrespected the many people who laid a foundation for the many of us who are minorities. is she a racist?

they never said anything about the hundreds of people who died in katrina, as they watch days in and days out. they didn't say anything about the hundreds of babies crying for water and food. and how our elderly people died on the side of the streets.

when bush and karl roves flew over the hundreds of people and ignored them just to go and celebrate john mccains birthday. what a joke.
when they talk about country first, i like to ask them what part of the country are they referring to.

we cannot allow these things to happen again. the republicans always screw things up in this country. and want to fix things after someone dies.

i'm sick of this and yes i'm bitter and angry and i think the whole world should know it.

our soldiers have died in vane because they didn't even mention the fallen, the battered and the brused. this country is a mess if they allow the republicans to get in office again. too many people has died.

peace and love

Patricia's been writing for herself about this country and the problems it and her people face for months.

She reaches hundreds of us on Columbia University Alumnia for Obama, a group on barackobama.com that includes many people in the Columbia University community, who live near it, work or study there, or have already graduated. Those hundreds pass on he emails to hundreds more.

The pollsters talk about likely voters. Well, many, many of us know that there are a whole lot of unlikely writers and voters out there this year, Ms. Wallace, and they are not voting for your candidate, and they sure as hell don't appreciate your laughing arrogance.

You know what else? There isn't a damn thing you can do to get their vote, either.

A change is coming to America, and we'll let Alaska take care of their governor once it's all over. Oh, and like we've been saying, Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate a governor.

To donate any spare change to the Obama/Biden 08 campaign for change, please click here. Your donation is credited to you. Please remember that the Obama/Biden campaign is committed to accepting only donations from We the people, like you and Patricia and I.

Thank you.

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