mardi 23 septembre 2008

A garden moment, pour changer

Plante mystère

et oui, il reste encore des plantes dont j'ignore le nom.


This one is very difficult to photograph, for me. It's the reds. They are really tough. It's true of the Eric Tabarly roses, the deep red peonies, and these are some of my most absolutely beautiful, exquisite flowers.

In my opinion.

The specks of dust on the petals (la poussière sur ses pétales) are from the plaster (le plâtre) and stucco (le crépi) they removed. (Can we just all parler une langue, s'il vous please?)

I love the nearly black cast to the red, the velvet quality of the petals when this color occurs.

There were three of these at Florosny the day I saw them with Audouin and broke down and bought one. He liked them, too, which emboldened me, otherwise I am very shy about buying plants in front of the other holder of the joint checking account, now, however, I am furious with myself for not buying all of them and asking the name. Unmarked pots. Some sort of asteraceae?

They are gorgeous with the red Leptospermum scoparium, or tea tree plant, a Myrtaceae, originaire de l'Australie, just behind. I love how the flowers are picked up in the red tinge of the L. scoparium leaves, especially the new growth. I was thinking of using them together in front of the house with the Eric Tabarly roses, but we shall see. The one downside is that the leaves of the mystery plant get a little ratty, but, that's nature and life; they could say the same of me.

The mystery plant blooms later than the L. scoparium, which is a good thing, since that might be a little much all at once, and the combination offers blooms over several months. Anyway, I'll go see if they still have some at Florosny; if not, they will eventually.

We shall see.

I am having concentration problems. Between la politique, l'architecture et le jardin, je suis fichue -- just spread hopelessly thin. It is not possible! And, I have to relearn to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I stay up reading emails, political articles and blogs, imagining a future without Bush, a USA united under Obama, together with the world, and... I can hardly contain myself.

I get carried away.

Off to the stocks: mon ordi, les documents pour la rénovation de la maison.

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