dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Get some Tostitos and head to the sofa: Slacker Uprising


The full movie.

It's our 6th wedding anniversary. Je pense que je chercherai du champagne aussi.

But, I've only got wasabe peas.

"Cheers!" says Audouin.

"Cheers? Tu n'as rien de plus romantique à me dire?"

"Je t'aime. Je te l'ai dit là, tout à l'heure." Then he reminded me of the story of a great-Uncle of a friend, one of his two best men at our wedding (they really wanted this one to stick).

"It was a long time ago, back when women married while they were still virgins," he added -- ever the doctor and comedian. "On their wedding night, before bedding his bride for the first time, he said to her, 'Je t'aime. I tell you that now once for our whole marriage. I will not say it again.'" Yah, that should do it.

Mon dieu.

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