samedi 20 septembre 2008

McCain in Spain, Virginia absentee voting and caging in Ohio

It's so easy to get caught up in all those strings

It's really tough to be connected, politically active and responsible all at once.

I'm doing my level best.

Take right now, I am making lunch, setting up Twitter (I just had to after reading this in the New York Times the other day and seeing it show up on, and trying to figure out just how much to say about caging in Ohio (not free-range hens, votes) and absentee balloting possibilities in Virginia. Major tipping state and a toss up.


McCain in Spain
and other newsworthy failures

I don't even know how to begin to keep up with the cascade of news revelations, like how big a splash McCain made in Spain with his presidential campaign-winning-defying bellyflop failure to recognize a) that Spain is in Europe and not our region nor hemisphere, like Mexico, where those confusing Zapatista bad guys hang out, and South America, b) that it is generally considered to be a friendly regime by The United States, as a member of NATO and the European Community, and c) who José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is.

But, he knows a lot about (The Republic of) Georgia and Russia. Does Spain have oil? Do they drill over there? More to the point, will we ever be able to drill over there, wherever it is?

It's not next to oil-producing Venezuela? Oh, to hell with Spain then.

"McCain in Spain stayed mainly on his campaign plane, for shame" to be sung to the tune of the famous song from My Fair Lady, preferably in Julie Andrews' voice. Gosh! Two Julie Andrews' references in a single week!

And the other big belly flop of the past week or so, performed without grace, or the saving one of the Koreans and the Feds, by Lehman.

Can someone make up new lyrics to a song in memory of the loss of this 128-year-old bank?


Absentee balloting in Virginia

Virginia is the 3rd most important swing state, or tipping point state according to the method of calculating which states can tip a loss to a win, with the 4th highest return on the investment.

It's an important state for Democrats in November.

College and university students living outside Virginia in a blue state should definitely consider voting in Virginia by absentee ballot.

See Zennie's Zeitgeist for further information on who qualifies and how to obtain an absentee ballot in Virginia.


Ohio caging

We'll get to that as soon as I am back from an appointment.

Check back in later.

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