mercredi 24 septembre 2008

The mess in the kitchen

Which is the dining room, which is the entry, which is the stair hall, which is the living room, which isn't going to get much better after the renovation's all done.

I'll just try to think of it as French country loft style.

Checkerboard cake making

A tradition for Sam's birthday, and it always falls on mine to get it done!

I guess I have a little cleaning up to do.

I hear you, Grandma, I know, clean as you go, but the problem with this cake is that you just keep going! You have to make two cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate. You know, to get the checkerboard effect, otherwise it would be hard to see, chocolate and chocolate, or vanilla and vanilla. I set out all my ingrediants on a nice clean surface, washed up after the first cake -- and during the first, since I don't have enough big bowls --, and still had this mess.

Wisp nibbled on one of the layers, that rotten cat! See, Lisa, someone was lucky, only it wasn't the dog!
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