mercredi 17 septembre 2008

Still at work

But speeding right along now
well, for me

So, blinders alone don't do it. I have opposable thumbs and an opposable will that causes me to use them to open new windows on my laptop without the benefit of a driver to gently whip them into obedience and stay in AutoCAD. As a consequence, I still see my email and the articles for which I am sent links just fine.

I had to get serious.

Georges told me that they are "almost finished" with the balcony, and I panicked! I hadn't given him any drawings! I had told them that it would be the same, only with the motif in front of the lower windows incorporated in the balcony railings in front of each of the French doors above. That by no means that they understood me or will give me what I want!

I blanched. We communicated. We arrived at the comprehension that some parts are nearly finished that will compose the balcony.

"The drawings are nearly done, Georges. Come, I'll show you what I have." He followed me inside and asked if he could sit down on the armchair next to where I sit comfortably installed on an ottoman at the coffee table (no wonder I got a flaming headache in the base of my skull last evening), and then the poor guy tried to sit on the rattan floor cushion I sit on it to keep the animals off. It's enough already that the floor is carpeted in tufts of Labrador hair. My sister-in-law has one, a yellow, and when we had dinner at their home Saturday, I said I have to keep the vacuum cleaner in the living room, she told me that she vacuums 5 or 6 times a day! I have two. Black. And three cats. Three.

"Georges, attendez. Je vais enlever ce truc." [trans: I'll get rid of that thing]

"Non, non, Madame de Floris! C'est bon." [trans: No, no M'am! It's fine] You should have seen the poor guy try to sit down; he is so polite and respectful. I felt like such an idiot for having put it there and him in that situation.

"Non, non, Georges, pas de tout. C'est pour empêcher les animaux de monter là-dessus," [trans: No, no, George, not at all. I put it there to keep the animals off the chair] and I jumped to wrest it away before he tried again to finnd a way to sit down on it.

I showed him the pretty colored lines on the computer screen, and his eyes lit up like Christmas. I had drawn something. He could see it. I pulled a dimension.

"C'est tout dimensionné?" [trans: It's all measured] he wondered aloud, his eyes growing even larger.

"Oui, tout est là. Il faut juste que je l'envoie sur l'autre ordinateur par email car je ne peux pas imprimer de celui-ci; l'imprimante est trop vieux." [trans: Yes, everything is there. I just have to send it all to the other computer by email because I can't print from this one; the printer is too old."

"Ah, la porte de connexion n'est pas compatible." [trans: Ah, the printer port isn't compatible]

He got it.

"OK. Est-ce que ça serait possible de les avoir demain?" [trans: OK. Do you think it would be possible to have them for tomorrow?] I must have looked panicked all over again, because he started to eplain nicely why it would really be helpful and added, "Si c'est possible, parce que je ne veux pas vous mettre la pression." [trans: If it's possible, because I don't want to pressure you.]

It is my first commandment to have documents and information ready for contractors in a timely fashion, so I looked at him and said, "Mettez de la pression. Je manque du discipline, alors j'ai besoin qu'on me mette de la pression. Allez y!" [trans: Pressure me. I am lacking self-discipline, so I need someone to pressure me. Go ahead.]

He laughed, but it worked.

It's the hard work for me because I always relied on everyone who knew more than I did about AutoCAD to configure the printer/plotter, set up the pages and plottypes, and scale the dimensions and text so it is readable once printed.

I still have that last bit -- scaling the dimensions and text -- to do, but if all fails, I will print them and write by hand; this is not for a client and I have no pride! Well, that's not really true. It flared up again last night and Audouin and I were left to ponder the real benefits of divorce. Jury's out. Détente has been declared so life can go on.

McCain never needed earmarks

so that's a fib, too!

Someone sent a great email concerning earmarks and the OMB. He knows Washington and has worked in a few administrations (Well, at least one that I know for sure, but my memory is getting so bad) and participated in the writing of legislation and commission reports on energy and various things. Probably a mensa type, but whatever; I am in total admiration. Physics and public law, although I think he did coursework in the latter without becoming a lawyer.

I begged him to turn it into an OpEd so that we can use Editor and Publisher from his local library (Baltimore area) and the lists at to try to get printed.

Once he adds a little research -- he's a perfectionist, and there's no time to lose for that! -- I am going to add it here. We're not trying to compete with Paul Krugman, for heaven's sake!

Gotta' go get back to work.

Have you had your Four C's today?

Call... Download Skype if you don't have free cell phone minutes and follow the phone banking from home tutorials, scripts and forms. Couldn't be easier.
Canvass... No cell phone or free minutes needed! It's the fall, the perfect time to walk around your cities neighborhoods, or go visit family or friends in a swing state and go with them!
Contribute... Remember, McCain's campaign just got $84 million from the federal government in public campaign financing funds. They are head and shoulders above the Obama/Biden campaign and the DNC. We need whatever you can give, whenever you can give. It's easy. Every little bit helps.
Communicate... That's easy to do. Wear your button, engage conversations gently, with your best empathetic listening and speaking skills. You never have to argue or debate. You never have to win someone over on the spot. Speak from your heart to theirs, and let that do its work.

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