lundi 13 octobre 2008

Brain overload, day 2

It's not getting any better.

Certainly not with the choices multiplying, but not necessarily giving me more things I like. In fact, I know what I like, and somehow I expected everyone to agree with me.

At least Joachim, but he is the one most in opposition. And he is very energetic.

Sam came home, looked at the colors and had a very definite opinion, which coincided perfectly with my own.

"The dark color and that yellow." The dark color was the paint color, the first one Joachim brought and put on the door. Not the one from today, which is, don't get me wrong, very nice, just not what I want. Sam, however, meant what I did, more precisely. He meant it for the half-timber motif, as well.

That's what I asked Joachim today.

"Il faut que je vous demande car si je ne le fais pas, cela restera toujours une question, peut-être un regret -- " [trans: "I have to ask because if I don't, well, it will always stay in the realm of something I wondered, possibly to become a regret -- "

"Je comprends. Vas y, demandes." [trans: "I understand. Go ahead and ask."]

"La couleur, la première pour les portes et les fenêtres, est-ce qu'on peut la faire en chaux aussi?" [trans: :The color, the first one for the doors and windows, can it be done in chaux, too?"]

"Oui, bien sur," and then he launched into a discussion that was so circuitous and repetitive and full of so many "it's" that had it been a multiple choice question, his answer would have been the equivalent to "all of the above."

Except that it wasn't. It was clear what he wanted: the brick red with the last ochre chaux sample. My heart wasn't in it. It hasn't been in the red for ages.

A couple of things were decipherable, without the useless clarifications.
  • One, he felt strongly that the motif color (reds) must be in color saturation about equal with the panels (ochre), and that more than two colors is a mistake (agreed).
  • Two, if I went to the darkest brown with the hint of cool red, that it would act as outlines and make the ochre pop (this in no way bothers me).
  • Three, he does not think the motifs should be lighter than the ochre in color value, neither in red nor in beige (I am still not opposed to a faded oak color).
And, one thing was certain by the time Sam got home and the wall had pulled some more of the water out of the brick-red chaux, lightening it -- it was turning to chewed cinnamon gum color.

Do not even ask me about the garden. I will start crying.

Or about Sarah Palin. I can't take it anymore. Not since we started talking about the "anger of the mob scenes" at the McCain-Palin rallies. I cannot abide meanness, ignorance and manipulation.
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