dimanche 26 octobre 2008

I knew they talked to me, I knew it


"It's cloudy today. It's cold today."

How often have I said that I feel the least alone when I am in my garden, among my plants?

OK, that was the first time, but I have said that I am convinced that my plants know that I am there, that I take care of them, and that they thank me, and now I know why I am so drawn to the plant center -- oh, the conversations we have, all those plants and I! They call out to me, ask me to notice them, and to take them home, the beautiful ones, and the ones who need love and care.

In the garden, I can hear them getting restless for water, and right along with me for more sunshine. I can hear them request a pruning, some fertilizer, to have the dirt at their roots turned over, "Ahhh," they sigh, like a wonderful reflexology session.

I can hear their alarm as I take my long-handled axe to them to remove them. "Why, me?" they ask.

My response is never satisfactory.

"I am sorry. You were not cared for. This was never the right place for you. You understand, don't you?" It's like hunting, setting your dog free to follow the scent and then taking the stag down, "And must I die?" asks the stag.

"Yes, you must."

"And why, then?"

"Because I have decided."

And what I do is not necessarily better. I get excited about it, work hard, convinced that I am about to make beauty, and then, I can see that I might have been mistaken. Or overly-enthusiastic about my idea.

At least I beat them to the computer and blog idea, otherwise they would be deciding what to say about me, and it might not be pretty. They would tell you how much I think I know, when I really know no more than I did in the very beginning.

What is that that you say? You would like to hear them? I am afraid I lack the technology, but I will try to speak for them.

They are my refuge from a world in which Sarah Palin can be nominated for the VP candidate for any party in the USA, much less one of the two major parties. They are my reminder of beauty and Hope. They are humbling, as they submit to the conditions of their lives and do their best to fulfill their purpose.

They made Sisyphe.

"It's cold inside."

That is what the sensor attached to Sisyphe leads her to blog.

I went to get my alpaca overcoat and settle in to watch the snooker final in Warsaw, and when I took the dogs out, I realized it was far milder outside than inside.

Live TV : Ustream

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