mercredi 29 octobre 2008

No Fairweather President, Obama

By Pistol Tanker Palin

I love the jeans.

Barack Obama - Chester, PA
October 28, 2008

"Let me just begin by saying that a little bit of rain never hurt anybody."

But it sure is hell on the Johnny Choos. Aw, shoot!

On a day when mixed rain and snow caused the 5th game in the World Series to be suspended -- like McCain's campaign for the Financial Crisis and his scheduled appearance in Quakertown Tuesday afternoon --, Obama showed up.

Along with 9,000 enthusiastic supporters in Chester, PA, home to MTV's and the skateboarding world's Bam Margera.

My (other) sister -- again, I like to think of them as my highly-paid team of crack reporters -- sent me the following update on the Phillies lead in the World Series. I am a Yankee fan, so I am only happy for their Philadelphia pride, and console myself with the thought that the Phillies are NL, so we never had to have any serious relationship strain for our baseball loyalties, until the day, that is, when the Phillies will play the Yanks. Next year, for certain:
"The Phillies are cursed. Even Mother Nature can't help but mess with them.

The game was suspended after the top of the sixth due to dangerous field conditions due to heavy rain. The Rays tied it up 2-2 in the top of the sixth. Right now it is scheduled to be completed tomorrow night. The Phils are up 3-1 in the series, so if they win this game, they win the series in Philly."

The Huff Pos
t article interviewed one of the drenched Obama supporters, who said,
"Philadelphia Phillies fans waited hours in the rain for the third game of the World Series. McCain either doesn't know much about the people in this area or doesn't have much faith in his supporters."

She went on to add that John McCain and Sarah Palin went ahead with an indoor rally today in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which caused McGrady to comment wryly: "$150,000 for clothes and they apparently didn't buy her a raincoat."

I'd say we all know the answer to that: he knows he doesn't have many supporters enthusiastic to come out in the rain for him.

Hey, he just closed his campaign in Wisconsin, too:
The Badger State woke up Monday morning to hear that neither the McCain-Palin, nor Obama-Biden presidential campaigns considers Wisconsin "in play" due to recent polling.

Polling that has Obama up with a double-digit lead in Wisconsin, although I am seeing a +9 point lead for Obama there, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Wisconsin, you see it, there, that dark blue state just below Canada -- except for that little bit of dark blue Michigan on it's head, kind of like a unicorn. That's dark blue Illinois right below it, and to the west, its deep blue neighbors, Minnesota and Iowa. Then there's Indiana, looking a little peaked in white, but it sure beats pink, and there, right to the east, is Ohio, looking lovely in light blue.

And Missouri. Take a look at Missouri, that's the very light, powder blue state just below Iowa. A month ago to the day, it was the palest rose. Remember, as goes Missouri, so goes the nation. Our Bellwether state is turning blue, with 10 polls showing Obama with a slight lead, 12 showing McCain ahead, another tied, and all the adjusted polling data putting Obama so slight ahead, with .5 point lead that it's a toss up, leaning ever so slightly in our hero's favor.

Obama knows like the Phillies know, a winner shows up. And when he does, the fans will be right there, ready to welcome him.

Including Chester's school children, who were given the day off by their superintendent of schools to take advantage of the "educational opportunity" of an "historic moment".

I just might be feeling better today. I have really got to stop reading the Palin crap and exorcise her supporters from my soul, in preference of these folks...

Wish I were one of them.

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