jeudi 16 octobre 2008

Pistol Tanker Palin

The drawings

Almost 1:00 in the morning, and the study for the glassed in entry shelter just went off to Joaquim. I have been spelling his name wrong all this time.

Georges and José continued with the scratch coat along the street façade today, and prepared the side façade at the little entry courtyard, putting up the lath. I was in a race against time because they are preparing to start the scratch coat right around where I want to build the glassed-in entry, or verrière, with benches that function as chests for boots and dog food and pegs for a coat or two. If they get too far before Joaquim sees what I want, then I put them in the position of having done work they will have to undo.

Very bad.

This door has caused us grief for as long as I have been here. It collects dead leaves and cobwebs. No one ever goes in or out it. In fact, the last time we used it was when we left for 3 weeks about 4 years ago. I use the space between the inside and outside doors to hide the dog food bags.

The doors themselves are hideous. The idea is to remove the outer door altogether, move the inner door into the depth of the wall and change it so that it resembles the existing entry door at the far end of the house, with small panes of glass in a traditional look.

Both the exiting doors have this translucent glass that lets the light through weakly. The new panes would allow a view into the entry court garden from the dining table and a view into the house from the entry.

Most obviously, it would encourage people to actually enter the house here, take off their shoes even, and be very useful to me for bringing groceries right into the house and taking the garbage out. It helps make sense of this door and the whole little entry court itself.

I might try to make it just a little bigger still.

Cross your fingers that all works out.


Sarah Palin in the White House

Before you panic and feel light-headed at the thought, click this link.

Make sure your speakers are on, and that you have recently emptied your bladder and have nothing in your mouth.

Then, when you have finished with that, go get yourself the name you would have had had you been born to Sarah Palin.

I don't know why my parents didn't think of Pistol Tanker.

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