mercredi 1 octobre 2008

The sign

C.H.A.O.S. motto

It's been a wild ride for CHAOS today.

Word got out in Holland about it, and they invaded. I can't talk about it. It was too horrible. There was a botting, spamming of obscenities and links to YouTube Illuminati, NWO, Bilderburg bung videos and random sign-up pages for Internet mailbox services; our side flung f's and g's with great courage and determination -- those were the righties (there weren't many or any lefties, but it was hard to follow in the random, speeding alphabetic fray). People PM'ed one another, "Are you okay?... send me your email address in case we get lost," so we can find one another on the other side of battle. People were given the great @ in front of their name, many for the first time, given powers to take away voice that they knew not how to use. Slowly, the spewing of spam diminished, the voices of the Protectors of the Sign rising above the terrible din of the enemy's attack. As the noise of the wind and the cruelly used alphabet died down, our side stood, shoulder to shoulder, closer to one another than we had realized in the frenzy of seige and battle. We spoke to one another; shared our disbelief.

"I felt like Eowyn, at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields."

"No living man am I! You look upon a woman."

Defectors from the Dutch ranks, those who had come in peace, out of mere curiosity, to find out what was up in this virtual room of people watching a campaign sign with a boy and his mother, asked us to forgive their immature youthful English soccer fans hooligan wanna-be fellow Dutchmen.

The remainder of the day suffered what turned into a huge and rather pushy orange presence. We'll see what tomorrow brings for CHAOS.

We are hoping for the return of peace, calm and intelligent, humorous discourse, and hopefully the return of American teachers and students, dropping in to ask what the sign means, and how watching it with Signkid and TeachKids contributes to democracy.

In the time after the battle, there ensued the following exchange --

STLforObama: I had a dream last night -- you all came to a party at my house.
StillHARDrock: hahahaha
other stuff, then
StillHARDrock: did we pick up after ourselves?
SuzyCHAOS: We few, we stinky few, have bonded and banded together to help a family... reaching out from across this vast internet of ours...
STLforObama: no, and you had no faces.
other stuff, then
StillHARDrock: Well, I am sure that I put my trash in the can.
Merrycricket: STL, that's freaky.
StillHARDrock: it is my way.
SuzyCHAOS: We've created a community, where once there was none.
Swedishlady: Suzy, lol, very Shakespearean!
StillHARDrock: when I leave concerts, I pick up trash.
SuzyCHAOS: We've joined hands, and joined hearts...
Tehninjo0: Suzy, the big Q is what happens after the election?
SuzyCHAOS: So, you see, that sign is not just a sign
SuzyCHAOS: it is a symbol... a national symbol
SuzyCHAOS: it bonds us.
STLforObama: AMEN, Suzy!
Tehninjo0: an international symbol!
ustreamer-23712: I think it's really cool how everyone is coming together.
Merrycricket: an international symbol
Tehninjo0: but what after the election?
SuzyCHAOS: after the election...?
Fleur_de_Paris: I'll come to a party at your house. Actually, this is a party at your house, and mine, and Tehnin's and SHR's, and Swede's...
ustreamer-23712: I don't know too much about the election, so I don't know if I should be here, but it is interesting to watch everyone interact. So, I hope I learn somethings from being on here.
SuzyCHAOS: When the votes are cast and tallied, we shall all connvene somewhere together.
other stuff, then
Fleur_de_Paris: How could we have faces, you have never seen us?
SuzyCHAOS: We shall have a masked ball.
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