lundi 22 décembre 2008

Time for the holidays

Oh! Oh! Oh! They are upon us, and I am unprepared, and unwilling to prepare. I am trying to get into the right mood. Really.

This helps...

It reminds me of our Black Labs in Chamonix every year. What is it with dogs and snow? Baccarat's glee and even her mother Rapide's willingness to put up with her snow-fueled, run-and-slide, full-force attacks is reason enough to put up with having two dogs in the hotel room every February, when precious little else is encouragement. They snore, and they are up at 6:57 am every morning, which would be fine, except that Sam is never good on his promise to "get up early this year and get to the slopes first thing," which leaves me with 2 1/2 hours of saying, "Sam. Get up. Sam? Sa-am. Your hot chocolate is getting cold," before he props himself up with semi-focused sleepy eyes trained on Eurosport at the end of the bed and croissant flakes snow on his bare chest and the sheets.

At least they don't smell bad.

Rapide and Baccarat in the snow is the only thing that can possibly motivate Sam to come and walk them with me, camera in hand. I'd love to show you, but I can't get the Iomega external disk drive to work with the old desktop computer without a call to ASUS to see if I can update the Bios to solve the problem, and then there's the issue of the 3.5" "floppy" drive not working, which effectively prevents me from copying the Bios update file to a "floppy" so I can use EZFlash, and the laptop (finally) went off to Dell today. So, no access to any of the mini-videos Sam has taken of two dogs making the best of less than 54" of freshly fallen snow.

Does everything ever manage to be in synch with computer peripherals and drivers and read/write materials nowadays, or is that really why everyone just goes out and gets a whole new damn computer so often?
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