mardi 13 janvier 2009

Oh me of little faith

The workers cometh, after all

The rain was the reason, but they went and picked up all the tiles for the new roof over the entry door that serves as a little balcony for the end bedroom, the lumber for its new rafters, and the took the kitchen window away for the carpenter to use it as a model for the new one. Since we aren't replacing all the windows right now, but renovating them, any that are too dilapidated will be remade in the old style.

I already rejected a window with which Joaquim appeared one afternoon. I was racing out when he showed it to me. It was lying flat in the back of the truck bed, and it didn't look quite right, but I was late. When I had a chance to take a good look at it, I lost a bit of confidence in him right on the spot. How could he think this window was alright and understand the project and my intentions? It was about the cheapest window you can get, from the store Lapeyre. Don't get me started.

He lost his 400 and something euros and decided he had better start showing me things before plunking down his money.

This one will cost more, but it's what we always said. The windows would be renovated or replaced in the same look, meaning old but new and healthy.

Georges and José took my leaving fairly well. It raised a small panic in Georges, who isn't entirely comfortable not having me around to say "yes" or "no" before it's too late. Someone learned a lesson. He took me out to approve the new tiles, saying they are the smallest available and the three colors closet to the old ones they removed yesterday. Audouin asked what they did with them. Had they kept them to reuse? It was my turn to have a moment of panic then. I couldn't remember what we had decided, and then I remembered that we had elected to replace them because they were quite worn, wouldn't match the ones at the new glassed-in kitchen entrance, and weren't the same size so you couldn't intersperse them.

"Did they at least save them, or is that what I see piled in the entry court in a heap."

Um. Piled in a heap? He went out to look, and returned looking disgusted.

"They broke them all. They broke them all. What a way to work. What's that? breaking things when you can take them down without destroying them." It went on. I didn't feel like fighting. I have learned that if I don't, and I can tolerate the grumbling, it stops.

"Je verrai ça avec Joaquim," I said as quietly as I possibly could.

"Je ne comprend pas cette manière de travailler, de casser les choses. Mais, qu'est-ce que c'est ça? C'est pas normal."

"En fait, oui, mais j'expliquerai ça une autre fois. C'est vrai."

He grumbled more quietly, and then stopped.

Georges and José will help take care of the dogs while I am away. That's one good thing.

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