lundi 16 février 2009


la vallée de Chamonix

We're off to ski (check out the webcams), and there is snow. Lots of snow.

I spent the day yesterday doing everything I hate doing and put off, and off, and off. I:

1) Defrosted the fridge (which in our case is the larger size dorm room fridge... the bigger one is out in the unattached "garage", dirty still),
2) Vacuumed,
3) Washed the (destroyed) slip covers (and put them back on instead of putting that off, too, while the armchair frames get covered with animal fur),
4) Washed the covers from the dogs' cushions for the trip, so they won't smell so much or get as much dog hair in the car, and then smell up the hotel room Sam, the dogs and I share for 9 nights,
5) Washed, folded and -- here's the remarkable part -- put away all the dirty clothes,
6) Repotted the poor uprooted Camelia from the entry court (I don't hate doing that, I just put it off),
7) Grocery shopped and stocked up for our trip (I have learned to make our dinner on a -- what do you call them? Hot plate? -- hot plate (shall we say) in our room... and we save a ton, which helps me feel less guilty for the expense of the 10-day trip skiing in the mountains),

and stuff...

Sam's taking everything out to the car. I have to go put the dog gate back together and put it in place, then the clean cushions, and then the dogs, who have grown considerably (Baccarat, anyway) since their earliest trips in the rear end of the BMW. They have gotten used to the luxury of the old Chrysler Voyager, in which Baccarat claims the middle bench all for herself to snooze or look out the window.

A bientôt de la montagne!
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