vendredi 6 février 2009

Ladies and gentlemen who lunch

Heading out today

Lunch today at the Café des Musées on the rue Turenne and the rue du Parc Royal in the Marais with my two favorite fellow progressive Democrats in Paris. My ladies-who-lunch jacket is leather with a fake fur detachable collar, à la my motorcycle leather (No, that's not I. I only wish.). Taking my bike, like I did last night for the Barnard book club meeting in the 16th. Happiness. For once, it wasn't below freezing. The sun is even shining today for the ride. See? God favors Democrats.


I know.

This is the age of bi-partisanship, letting those Democrats and those Republicans capable of reasoning with themselves and one another work together to do our nation's business. I was listening to Obama during the campaign, I really was, even as I was impatient that we weren't necessarily going to get the programs I want, like single-payer health care.

The truth is that if we do get them, we'll get them because we did it right. We made the case on its merits and won conservative support for a progressive ideal that provides economic benefit and social justice. We'll have avoided the Clintonland of partisan hatred and Rovian politics-as-usual. As my friend Q points out to me, Democrats clinging to single-issues and their pet programs and ideas can be as despicable and harmful as Rove over on the other end of the political spectrum. Such a bitter taste in the mouth to say that, but true.

The alternative is to risk growing another Gingrich in the hot-house of congress.

Yes, Barack, I was listening, even when I wasn't perfectly happy to hear what I was hearing. I pretty much get it. Really.

Anyway, hacks and wonks or not up there on the heights, I do prefer the idea that the president sets the agenda from the executive and the representatives work it out in the legislative. Everyone is happier when he or she gets to do their job and get some credit for it. We behave better then, too.

So, time to take the doggers for a 15 minute walk and then get ready to leave. I don't want to be late for this lunch, no way.


PS: A second perfect day for the workers, so you can be sure they won't be here again today. End of February. I laugh.


I leave you with Barack -- "I urge all of us not to make the perfect the enemy of the absolutely necessary" -- and Keith Olbermann...

Ah, Keith, that we didn't need you, but since we do (we do!), glad you're there.

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