mercredi 18 février 2009

A morning walk with the dogs

In the forest of la Moraine,
at the foot of the Argentière Glacier

Next time, I'll try to be entertaining. I just missed the dogs having one of their jousting mock fights.

The sun is finally out, and I can see the glacier and the peaks from the window of the hotel lounge here in the village. Sam has dug out the car from yesterday's snowfall and must be getting impatient, so I must get ready to head up to the slopes. There was heavy fog and no visibility all morning, and I did the stuff I always do: get up, walk the dogs in their element (snow!), make breakfast and lunch, and get us out the door. This morning, I am the one making him wait, and he just came down mighty grumpy, threatening to keep me waiting every morning until we leave.

I lost my Citibank Visa card yesterday, somewhere on the cross-country ski trails, I am guessing. It must have fallen into the snow when I took my cell phone out to check the time.

Got to call them and have the card cancelled. Joy.

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