vendredi 20 mars 2009

Eideh shoma mobarak!


That Iran and the USA can step forward together in mutual respect and allow both of our countries to show and to share their true greatness in friendship and cooperation, but most especially Iran, who by its own acts and deeds, and by the response of the USA and the west to those, has drawn shadow over the magnificence of its people, culture, civilization and history; that it might be known, appreciated and celebrated by Americans, as well as all people in the world.

I know that there is much behind this for which we are responsible in the west and that we have our part to do, as well, to live more justly in the world we all inhabit, but no one is without sin here, and law imbued with universal human values -- not religious law -- must be the rule under which we all live as children of Adam.

The president has extended the hand withheld but not without understanding; his message is full of carefully communicated messages, as Paul Reynolds, World affairs correspondent BBC News website lays them out, one by one -- all of which being perfectly clear to anyone familiar with the conflict, and most certainly to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran --, in his article "What Obama's Message to Iran Means", concluding:

He also looks to a future "where you and all your neighbours and the wider world can live in greater security...". "All" the neighbours include Israel, of course.

There is a very ambitious agenda here. The process suggests direct talks if that is what Iran wants.

Let's start with a Nowruz haft-sin table and aim to make it a really big one, big enough for enemies and friends to come together --
Happy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year by Najmieh Batmanglij.

I'm going to get my scissors to cut the parsley. Who will join me?

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