lundi 20 avril 2009

Look! The frogs!

The larger young frog

All it takes is some nice, hot sunshine to tempt them out. I tiptoed out the door and around the basin with the dogs in tow (not such a good idea when you are trying to sneak up on timid frogs) and there it was, the larger of the two young frogs, sunbathing smack in the middle of the clump of moss I saved from the old basin and put back in. Audouin couldn't quite believe that I was going to save a large planting pot full of mud, crowned by a lovely tuft of moss, but this was always a favorite place to sun themselves. Granted, it was protected by lovely tall grasses before and now it is completely exposed, at least for now, but -- moss is moss, and I put it back in exactly where it had been.

Who's glad now?

I tiptoed much faster back into the house for the camera and tiptoed back out, stealthily approaching a reasonable angle and distance. Click. Splash!

It doesn't take much. I looked around for him in the bottom muck a bit, then turned my attention to the little one. There he was! Just under a large leaf from the other forget-me-not plant, the one with large, vine-like leaves and the flowers on feelers.


Now, please you other 5, come back.
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