vendredi 15 mai 2009

Still orange

Audouin hasn't come home, fallen down in shock and dismay and asked me to paint it anything but orange yet. I thought about disappearing to *Leroy Merlin to see if they have canvas shades for the window and French door so that I wouldn't have to see his face when he first sees it, but it's too late; they close at 8 pm.

Sam likes it.

The Facebook crowd likes it. Then again, there are two lovers of orange, someone from the 'Cuse (Go Orangemen!) and another from the University of Illinois -- vive les oranges et bleus! --, and we all know why Florida would pick orange for UF. Hell-o!

I like it.

I just keep seeing all the little things I need to do better, and I do have to do a second coat. If only I could have the sea grass floor covering right away. Now I have to scrub the spots of plaster filler and paint off the terracotta tile. I'll never get the paint from when the workers were attempting to paint the metal shutters off it. The Jackson Pollack effect wasn't at all limited to the plastic sheeting they laid out.

And if the Marbre reminded me of sails and sneakers, the addition of the tarp on the roof over my head as I work, flapping in the breeze, makes me feel like I am on a sailboat. I only need close my eyes.

Hopefully she's watertight (enough) for now. Now I need to add roof details for a toit végétalisé to my "to do" list.

* Leroy Merlin is basically like Home Depot, although I think we have that here, too. I forget what's it called, but it has the same little guy in overalls on the signs.

Funny enough, the name means the King and Merlin, but it's supposedly the real, actual last names of the two men who started the chain. I'll have to see if that is apocryphal.
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