jeudi 18 juin 2009

My itsy bitsy teeny weeny green freedom burqini

In blue

I have found it! The answer to the prayers of every woman who has had a melanoma: the burqini. Soon to be seen around the pools of Mousseaux sur Seine, Eglise Neuve d'Isaac and anywhere else my trusty steed takes me.

It looks perfectly cool and comfortable on a terribly hot and humid day. Perfect for the beach at, oh, say, Brighton in November.

How did I find it, you ask? I did not. Lo, it found me. I turned my Twitter avatar green in support of those in the streets in Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad, and -- I received marketing tweets from the UK for burqinis. Rather not my goal.

I have been waiting for years, years since Khomeini betrayed the Iranians, installing the Islamic Republic of Iran in the place of a truly free and just Iran, forcing thousands to leave their country or face imprisonment, house arrest, or, tout simplement, fear of the modesty police; years while the US and the west demonized the people of one of the world's great civilizations and formerly great modern nations; years while their leadership and ours cut them off, denying us, and those who had left, the privileges of their culture. I have been waiting for Iranians to rise up and say "No." This they are doing, by tens of thousands, but they must take care because none of their leaders are to be trusted. The Iranians need a real leader for a modern Iran with a Muslim population.

This is only my opinion.

Mousavi is the savior of the day, promising what Khomeini did, and did not deliver. Stating that Khomeini never intended this for his people. Mousavi was one of them.

Or, we have not understood why the Iranians have come together to say "No".

How many of them are saying "No" to the modesty police in their "No" to a false election? The answer to that question interests me. How many of the candidates who did not win an election that was not allowed to happen would put an end to their patrols and allow men and women, their heads uncovered, unmarried, to walk together, ride together in a car, meet in class without fear?

Don't misunderstand me. This is a step of historic importance for the Iranians, standing to say "No" together and with the support of all of us who have been waiting for this moment.


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