mardi 23 juin 2009

Organic yes, but recycled?

Oranges "bio" from Valencia

This is just so wrong. I bought these oranges because they are organically produced ("Bio" in these here parts), along with as many other organic products as I could find in the supermarket today (as always), but when I got home and unpacked them to add to the other fruits in the bowl and went to toss the black plastic tray, molded to hold 4 pieces of fruit and protect them from damage, I stopped to make sure it was recyclable.

I looked everywhere for the little triangle with the number inside.

I looked in vain.

There was no symbol to show that the molded plastic tray can be recycled. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that it may be. I double-checked the plastic wrapping. It contained the symbol that it (at least) was made from recycled materials, but there was still no triangle and number.

So, the oranges have been grown according to the strict EU standards for organic production, but the molded plastic tray in which they are shipped cannot be recycled. That makes no sense whatsoever.

I could purchase loose oranges that were not grown to protect the earth, or I could buy oranges grown to protect the planet, but toss the molded plastic tray in the trash.

Go figure.

A qui puis-je m'adresser, por favor?

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