mercredi 8 juillet 2009

Hounded out of office by... frivolous charges?

On Sarah Barracuda's troubles with the "liberal media":

"She asks for it herself, doesn't she?"
Liz Trotta, Fox News

Finally, someone (and it wasn't who you thought it would be, was it?) mentions the Max Blumenthal piece in the Daily Beast and The Nation, and I'll bet she just feels like hurling one of those Naughty Monkey pumps at that mean Liz from the conservative media, who said (she really did, too) that Maureen Dowd's piece suggesting Palin is possibly insane ("one nutty puppy") was "well written", besides being pretty much well-deserved by Alaska's chief fisherwoman with grit under her nails and slime on her bib, just like almost twin Trig's and Tripps'.

And, according to the NYT, Alaska's Lt. Governor Sean Parnell indicates that it just might be the cost to the taxpayers of Alaska (and herself... Caribou Barbie will try to make SarahPAC a multi-million dollar earner) of all those ethics charges that have been rocking the gubernatorial fishing boat down on the lake.

I could just go on and on, but I have other things to do, like finish the drawings for the glazed entry addition and courtyard paving that I have to figure out how to get elected to get the citizens of Moosesucks to pay for.

And I just love that little wink to Caribou Barbie in the twist on the name of our remote village given it by my husband, a nod to my son and my probable feelings about its desirability. These really should be The Moosesucks Journals. I know.

Keith, Richard Wolffe? Please, of course.

No, there's nothing so dead as a dead fish. Nor as smelly. Winque!

Take it, Dave.
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