jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Work under way, again


From the village, as it were.

We're approaching the long July 14 weekend, in which nothing will be done Monday or Tuesday. Bets are open to see if they'll be back on Wednesday.

I think the fear of God has sunk in. The letter back in April, or May, was it?, seems to have had the desired effect.

You'll note the sky. It's July.

There's a brilliant ray of late evening sunlight on the same façade right now. I know because I can see it on the trees out the window from where I sit.

If I weren't so tired from a "suite de soirs" out on the town and with friends and family, I'd actually go take another, cheerier picture. We'l see.

Op, it's gone.

Ah! It's back.

By the way, some of the tadpoles are up to 3 cm long. Much fatter, they still have tails, but no rear legs yet. I don't see as many, but they swim around, dart under the bottom plants and seem more wary of me.
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