mercredi 19 août 2009

Ariana Huffington: the delusion of bipartisasnship and the WH vacuum

"The public option is essential, and the President has to make that clear."
-- Arianna Huffington on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Let's just make it the Public Option behind which we rally, whip up the support and empower the President to get clear now.

Right now.

Robert Reich's calling for a March on Washington September 13:

“Very few things happen in Washington that are in the public's interest when corporations have huge financial stakes in the game, as they obviously do with health care — unless the public is actively involved, engaged and organized,” Reich wrote. “We won't get a public option, or anything close to it, unless people who feel strongly about it make a racket.”

The “first step is to be very loud and very vocal: Write, phone, e-mail, your congressional delegation and the White House. Second step: Get others to do the same. Third step: Get voters in Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, and other states where Blue Dog Dems and wavering Senate Dems live, and have them make a hell of a fuss. Fourth step: March on Washington.”

Draw YOUR line in the sand -- and not just on the shore this hot August -- and mark your calendars, and I don't care if it is your birthday!

Show up. Bring your family. Visit the nation's capitol, just get up and do it September 13.
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