dimanche 9 août 2009

Astroturf versus grassroots

This (scroll down for Jerry Policoff's email copy/pasted below) appeared in Sisyphe's inbox and given her dedication to nurturing real grassroots, she felt she just had to share it.

Please, pass the word to anyone you know who can make it to Lancaster, PA next week to make a crowd to meet the "Patients First" "turf bus" to challenge the authenticity of the Astroturf being laid down all over America, grab the media spotlight to show the support that exists for real health care and health care insurance reform, and remind Americans what real grassroots look like, and can do.

Don't let corporate America's lobbies' special brand of manure "green" America for us.

Real grassroots go deep in fertile soil. Bring your compost to Buchanan Park next week! Read the below for details, and get in touch with Jerry for further information and to commit your presence:

The "Patients First " people are really scary
On Aug 7, 2009, at 6:21 PM, Jerry Policoff wrote:

The Astroturf “Patients First” Bus Tour will be coming to Lancaster next week to pursue their phony “grass roots” protest against health care reform. These folks are bankrolled by wealthy right wing extremists as well as the Republican Party and the health insurance and Big Pharma interests:

They are planning their protest in Buchanan Park at 3:30 PM with speakers yet to be announced. (http://www.joinpatientsfirst.com/bus-tour#pa)

I think we should turn out in force and demonstrate for civilized healthcare reform (of course for me that is single-payer) and also for civil political discourse rather than the hooliganism and thuggery these people seem to prefer. Let’s keep these folks from being the big story on the Channel 8 News Monday evening. Let’s show up with signs and loud voices and a progressive agenda.

Jerry Policoff

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