mercredi 19 août 2009

Bob Herbert just totally depressed me: get your tentacles off my reform

He concludes his OpEd so appropriately, to the very many of us feeling the same way, entitled "This is Reform?" as follows (if you have the heart, read the whole thing by clicking here):
While it is undoubtedly important to bring as many people as possible under the umbrella of health coverage, the way it is being done now does not address what President Obama and so many other advocates have said is a crucial component of reform — bringing the ever-spiraling costs of health care under control. Those costs, we’re told, are hamstringing the U.S. economy, making us less competitive globally and driving up the budget deficit.
Giving consumers the choice of an efficient, nonprofit, government-run insurance plan would have moved us toward real cost control, but that option has gone a-glimmering. The public deserves better. The drug companies, the insurance industry and the rest of the corporate high-rollers have their tentacles all over this so-called reform effort, squeezing it for all it’s worth.
Meanwhile, the public — struggling with the worst economic downturn since the 1930s — is looking on with great anxiety and confusion. If the drug companies and the insurance industry are smiling, it can only mean that the public interest is being left behind.

Call this health care reform "Leave no giant pharmaceutical or private health interest behind".

I've got to go do something else beside depress myself for awhile. Where's the mailperson with my big can of stain?
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