samedi 1 août 2009

Bonding, the return of Joaquim

Darkening the bands

So maybe it's not true that nothing happens in August. The mason showed up.

Joaquim has returned to work with the chaux-based product mixed with our pigments to darken the bands on the house, first, and then deepen the ocher tone on the parts of the house where it turned out lighter, more like a dark straw yellow.

Meanwhile, it's an opportunity to bond over a Heineken. Georges very reasonably preferred a jus d'orange. I can tell you that it's working fast and furious out there.

See for yourselves.

I might be having lunch alone. Venus is about to play Maria, and my drawings aren't 100%. Joaquim has added his voice to Georges', trying to talk me out of brick on the ground. He's a stone guy. I love stone, too, but not on the ground here. Hard to believe they haven't seen the pathways and terraces I have in brick.

The sentiment "C'est de la terre cuite. C'est pour les murs" about sums it up.

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