dimanche 16 août 2009

The work goes on

The balcony, from the bathroom

yes, those are barbells on the floor

somewhat less amazing than


in midair

I am pooped. The interior side of the balcony has received a coat of black stain, and all that remains for the first coat is the underside. Tomorrow morning, first thing, I will order another pot of the Donnos stain from the Maison de l'Ecologie site. I hope to have it Wednesday, although Tuesday would be better, but impossible.

If I am not careful, I will get depressed from the effort, and the fact that it isn't perfect. I am already getting crabby with Audouin, who has pitched in to strip the window of the "petit salon". The one I am not sure is worth keeping. A problem is that it was made with exposed hardware angles a such to hold it together. These were then covered in some sort of wood filler because windows were painted then. Whenever "then" actually was. A long time ago, let's say. The question is what to do with them now.

I also think that the space between the exterior of the window and the face of the glass is too narrow for a proper application of window mastic, but he thinks it's fine. That's probably why two of the glass panes are cracked is what I think.

I'm getting to be too tired to battle the battles.

Everything will surely look better after a glass of wine and a bath. It's very unpleasant to be caked in SP 50 sunscreen, perspiration and dust.
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