jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Almost completely a baby frog

Look what I got to see! (Probably just because it's my birthday today.) A tiny baby frog with a bit of tail still!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O M E !

Life's little wonders and Facebook, plus a little laundry and sanding, are all I need to have such a lovely day.

Which is a good thing because it didn't start off so well.

I took Sam to the lab for blood tests -- Nothing serious, just teenage school-induced misery resulting in lots of tummy flus, although he's sure he has mono. I had it, and I can tell you that he doesn't. But, the doctor tested for it anyway -- and then to pick up his scooter, which he had left locked in a nicer neighborhood of the city near Moosesucks where he goes to school, when I picked him up from school yesterday. I took his feverish self directly to the doctor, merely stopping to pick up Sikkens stain for the windows at a wood retailer and then Leroy Merlin for some more Decapex.

"Mom, I really am feeling very sick, you know."

"Just one more stop, Sam. I need to be efficient, you know!"

"I'll tell you that when you're sick."

When we arrived, Sam let out a sigh.

"Part of the scooter is gone. Part of the front of the scooter." I looked closer. He was right, the entire part with the headlight that covers the wires was missing, its insides visible. "They tried to hotwire it." The U-lock was still there, locked through the rear wheel. It wasn't like they were getting anywhere very fast, but his friend's dirt bike was stolen out of his garage, forced entry, and they cut right through the U-lock.

This on top of the theft attempt one night a year ago, which resulted in having to replace the front fork; they threw it to the ground after they tried to force the locked direction and couldn't.

Houston, we have a crime problem, in case you hadn't heard.

Immigration and integration have been wonderful success stories. That's the other side of France, the one that makes me so angry.

But guess what? We can declare theft with the police on-line now!

Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday, dear Sisyphe!
Happy birthday to me!

And many more.

And from Bev. You know who you are!

Wait! Why doesn't this video work? Someone stole it, too?

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