vendredi 25 septembre 2009

OK, forget the frog

Terrific. Someone call PETA.

Well, it looks like I've been quite topical again, without ever intending to be. In fact, I thought I was forsaking being topical when I let myself get carried away with my tiny baby frogs.

Now there is another reason this man will never set foot in my garden.

This is almost as bad, no -- what am I saying? This is far worse than finding one of the little creatures, scarcely having lost its tail, dangling from Baccarat's great gueule. I smacked her. It fell, and I placed it on the reeds, expecting it to perish. It recollected itself and leapt into the water.

Mike, you have been trying to protect me from learning about this, haven't you? Such a kind man.

"OK, forget the frog."

Yeah, just forget him. What does he matter anyway. He's just a frog.

Or she.
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