mardi 27 octobre 2009

Health Care Insurance Monopoly

Don't leave it to the states

"The state Departments of Insurance in six of the seven most concentrated markets for health insurance—including Rhode Island, Alabama, Maine and Montana—have taken no significant consumer protection actions against health insurers in the past five years."
-- Dave Balto , Stephanie Gross, Center for American Progress

Montana? Oh, no! Say it isn't so!

Progressives? Are you there? Ms. Maddow (and I, most humbly, not wanting to even suggest that I might be even remotely in the same league as this wonderful woman), right along with all our friends at Firedoglake, and everyone else who is going to wake back up again after the lull of getting the appearance of a win (ps: I contacted Dodd's office, my senator who isn't the evil one saying he will join the Republicans -- Wait! Didn't he already do that? --, and filibuster the Reid plan to tell him that contrary to what he claims in his latest email seeking contributions, to tell him that, no, this is not a "big win") and get back to work.

We've got a real public option that is not optional, limited to the uninsured, nor up to the states to decide.

Here's one place to start today (thanks, Q):

Lieberman's phone is (202) 224-4041.

Check out his lobbying/contributors at

CT News Media contacts here.

Hm. Lieberman. Connecticut. Hartford. Insurance.

I wonder --

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