mardi 27 octobre 2009

The public option, with a big *

The public option:

only... for the UNINSURED

only... in SOME PLACES

"I think Senator Reid has taken a strong step in the right direction."
-- Senator Ron Wyden, D-OR

But, that's what it is: a step in the right direction.

Senator Wyden is right when he says he thinks Americans want it for everyone, should be polled to make it clear and that progressives should continue to work for a real public option, for everyone who wants it, everywhere:

"I think that if progressives stay at this, continue at the grassroots level to make the case that all Americans should have a choice, all Americans ought to be able to make insurance companies accountable I think that we will have 60 votes in the United States senate for a strong bill, but obviously this is they key time."

Don't put your signs away because he's right:

"It's not good enough that only 10% of the population can hold insurance companies accountable; it's not good enough at a crucial time in American history to have choice available only to a handful of people who are sick and unemployed. That's almost like a heath care ghetto."

Am I ever glad for Rachel Maddow. Nice to have a voice on national television.

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