samedi 31 octobre 2009

Talking to myself

Yeah. That's the front door. Sort of
We have two.

I wish we had one.

It's taken me forever to get back to the windows after stripping them. I think I hated to put anything on the wood I worked so hard to uncover. And, what if I didn't like it?

But what's not to like about a clear stain?

Well, there are the two windows that are actually Iroko, an African wood, and they won't look the same. Not to mention the two that are in pine, as well as the pine window frames. What are you going to do about those?

I don't know. Maybe just stain them clear, too, and hope for the best? Maybe they'll be alright, and I won't have screwed them up trying to make them look like the old oak ones, or even like the two new oak ones.

Yeah, but, they're pine.

I know.

Listen, you can start with clear stain, and then if that looks wrong, you can always apply something else on top of it.

[Nodding] Yeah, that's true.

Listen, just get it done, OK? You'll feel better once it's done and you can worry about something else.

Like when the workers are going to show back up again and how miserable they are going to make me this time?

For example.

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