jeudi 26 novembre 2009

I have an opinion, therefore I am [American]

Opinions. They've got 'em in spades these people lined up to have Sarah Palin sign the copies of Going Rogue they will give out for Christmas presents; don't even need to wrap it because there isn't anything better lookin' than Sarah Palin [now, that's a real woman and model for girls!]. Doesn't matter if they don't know why they think what they do, or that the source of the basis of those opinions is Fox News ("I watch a lot of Fox News"). No, they've got opinions and their God-given American right to them.

It certainly helps to take a hatchet to public school budgets and get your curriculum from Christians writing them by the football field load in Lone Star State because anything else might make it harder to hold onto those opinions our fathers and uncles and grandfathers gave their lives so that we would be free enough to think whatever we please. Don't want all that uppity book-learning getting in the way of our right to them and our freedom.

Good thing I moved out of the country to a place where people actually have the decency to tend to their lives rather than everyone else's because I'm not feeling so thankful. Just a little sick because these people actually do live in the USA, near Columbus, Ohio, to be precise, and they probably vote, and their opinion, therefore, matters just as much as anyone who actually does think and reason.

Does it give you any pause and help you understand why some 18th century intellectuals thought democracy might be a poor idea?

It does for me.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be trying to think of something else besides what everyone would like us to think about ourselves as a nation and a people, rather than the accounting we should be taking of what we have really become, thanks to, notably, "Dick and Jane" books, Hallmark, kindergarten teachers who had us make pilgrim hats and social studies curricula that studiously avoided critical thinking and non revisionist history.

And then, I perused the New York Times and found this: Learning His Body, Learning to Dance. What funny creatures we are, what a complex society in which we all try to coexist. Maybe I am grateful for something, after all. Thank you for caring and helping one person discover his body and the joy of expression it can offer himself and others, Ms. Rogoff.
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