mardi 15 décembre 2009

The late shift

Sponge cake birthday cupcakes

There is no such thing as failure at 1 am.

That's a new rule if I am going to start making cupcakes at 11:30 pm, after a day of Christmas shopping and dinner at 10 pm. No matter how bad it is -- well, except the disgusting recipe for vanilla buttercream that I abandoned for reminding me of what we produced in 6th grade Home Ec class --, you do not start over, and you do not promise yourself to make another batch, just in case, tomorrow.

I didn't have any brown sugar, even after a stop at the grocery store for possible necessary ingredients, so they are not Devil's Food.

I didn't have enough sugar, as it turned out, and had to pound sugar cubes with a meat mallet.

I also didn't have any white chocolate, so they are vanilla buttercream frosted and not chocolate buttercream frosted. I purposely didn't buy "dessert" chocolate for the buttercream since I wanted to use red food coloring to make them pink. The birthday girl, one of my sister-in-laws, had her third baby, after two boys, about two months ago. Lou. Lou's Mom needs pink cupcakes for her birthday so that everyone will know these cupcakes are about Lou.

They have sprinkles and red cherries on top, too.

If I find the energy, however -- who needs the time --, I will make a dessert for the grownups. This one might be visually pleasing, but I don't know what the French palette will make of it. While it succeeds as a visual attempt to celebrate a mother-daughter birthday-birthday, it might well fail as a delight for the mature taste bud.

I don't know what mine would make of it were I still eating that sort of thing. I licked the beaters and my fingers. That was enough of a sugar rush to get me through the clean-up at 2 am.

Water's running in the kitchen sink. Gotta' go.

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