jeudi 14 janvier 2010

The work on the "petite maison"

Update on the sisal installation. I upset the installer, who smelled fairly successfully watered with alcohol from lunch. Did he really think that I wasn't going to mention his cutting clean through the sisal to the store through which he was contracted?


How dumb do people think we are?

The store asked me to send pictures to include in our file, along with any comments I felt too uncomfortable to make on the form I filled out in the installer's presence, and which he had to sign, too. I did. I wish I hadn't had to. I have asked for a partial refund or, preferably, the replacement of the bathroom installation.

We shall see.

Now, I really wish I had something of use to offer the Haitians and that my son were not passing the bac this year and in need of the rails I set down for him to follow to have a hope of success. I am reading of the need that I can well imagine for care for pregnant women in Port au Prince. I wish he could take time from the hospital and go. He is French-speaking and the most human of doctors, with a gift for strength and calm in the face of calamity.
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