vendredi 26 février 2010

Argentière, once more

The pond in the playground of the Moraine

A glacier-fed pond, which streams on down from the mountain to meet the Arve that meanders down the valley from the Col de Balme, part of the Tour ski area, at 2191 m altitude to meet the Rhône where it leaves Lake Geneva.

These are the wonders of a snow-filled day and night and day, even if no skiing isn't.

Well, there's always tomorrow. It's supposed to be the one bright spot in a stretch of bad weather for skiing.

Bad for those of us here now. Good for those who will follow.

Maybe I'll just take Sam out of school and have him prepare the bac here. How much worse off could he possibly be? At least here he gets to meet really nice 40-something British property developer -- and his Australian mate, whose sabbatical might just turn into a life in the vallée -- who has started a little art gallery here in Argentière that he is trying to keep open, and who asked Sam to send him some of his photos; maybe he'll show him.

Sam is dragging his feet, waiting to have just the right photos to send to him.

Do not, my son, let perfection be the enemy of getting what you want.

And by the way, I hear it is raining down the valley in Chamonix, only a couple hundred meters lower in altitude.

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