dimanche 21 février 2010

The first jumping competition

Capucine and Papouille

Today was the first jumping competition for Capucine, who began riding last July. She passed her first "Galop" (pronounced ga-low) in the fall and started in the class for the 2nd Galop, moving into the group working toward their 3rd Galop before Thanksgiving. It has been noted that she is making progress very rapidly. I told her, when she began, that only one person decides how far and how fast she can go: herself.

One dream coming true.

I wish it were so easy for my son.

Her run. Sorry it's so dark. It's worse here than on my computer.

And the last jumps. She had a no-fault in 57 seconds. The winner had a no-fault in 44, but she was on a Shetland. The Shetlands took the top places, while the double ponies were at 51, 52 and then 57 seconds. The Shetlands can cut their turns between jumps closer.

Ouf. You can't see a thing on these. I guess you have to come look at the ones on my hard drive.


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