dimanche 14 février 2010

Un heureux hasard

Putting the brushes down, for now

Ta da!

I cleaned it up just for you. Now, I am about to make a mess of it again, taking everything from the petit salon out there to unclutter the living room, where it's all piled up, until the petit salon is ready to be furnished, which -- by God -- it will be.

I swear it.

I am so happy about this. Really. This room was just awful, and now it is not. It's amazing what some spackling compound painstakingly applied to bumpy, White Mountain Frosting type "specialty" paint in white with bright yellow brushed over it can do, along with a decent color choice (yellow and rust orange are an interior decoration don't). See one month ago today by clicking here. Note especially the open corners that allowed the ivy to find its way inside.

If I want ivy in the room, I will train it on the walls. Merci.

If you click here, you can see it in a much earlier phase of work, back in June of last year, the day I had more flash removed from my second toe on my right foot to make absolutely certain all the bad melanoma was gone.

And, if you are a real glutton for punishment, or really love watching rooms change colors, just click on the tag (libellés) "Guest rooms".

The color was the big issue in this room, and oddly, the color I selected looks nothing like the sample once it is on the walls. You can get an idea of what I mean by looking at the photos. In some, it appears much yellower, which is the color that is closest to the sample chip. But, as soon as I started painting, I saw a light celadon green, which, by the way, appears to have a huge tolerance in its definition, from what I see on Google images.

It looks an awful lot like the fennel seeds you took to Leroy Merlin, when you went with Audouin to pick out a color to replace the light blue.

"I know," I replied to myself. "Strange, isn't it? I couldn't find the color there, I pick an entirely different color, and I wind up with the color."

Serendipity, hunh? Or maybe it was just meant to be, and you knew it, said myself.

"Perhaps. But you know what's really interesting?" I didn't wait to let myself reply, "The fennel seeds are really many colors that give an impression of color. No one of those colors is the color of a fennel seed. But this paint, it manages to capture the various colors that tell me 'fennel seed'."

Myself looked at the wall with me and said, I see just what you mean.

I was so excited, brushing this wonderful Flamant paint on with my 5" Flamant brush, watching the color I had wanted appear on my walls, except -- it wasn't really what I had intended with the print I used as the basis for the color selection. I crossed the room to get it and place it near the freshly applied paint.

It'll do. It's not bad, you know.

Myself was right. It worked.

Then, my husband went out to see it the next day.

"C'est pas mal," he pronounced, before going on, "un peu triste quand même." My face fell, but he had a suggestion, "Il faudra peut-être de la couleur pour la rendre plus gaie."

I thought he'd really like it, myself said to me.

"Me, too," I whispered back.

"C'est la couleur que tu cherchais chez Leroy Merlin, non?"

He noticed!

"I know. Can you believe it?" I asked myself.

"Ce n'était pas vraiment intentionnel," I admitted. "En fait, c'est drôle car c'est un hasard total. Un heureux hasard, je suppose."

He and myself nodded together.

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