samedi 6 mars 2010

The concrete pour, and Wisp creeps in on little cat's feet

Wisp was here
March 5, 2010

It's not the Hollywood Boulevard, but Wisp doesn't care. She has made her mark for posterity in our brand new slab.

"Comment tu as pu penser qu'elle n'aurait pas la curiosité de passer par au-dessus de ce bout d'isolant pour aller voir ce qui s'est passé là hier --" he let his thought trail off; he had already said it all. How could I have thought that she'd respect the piece of polystyrene insulation board they had propped up across the opening into the petit salon and held in place with a brick and not go and explore was a little incredible. This little cat misses nothing, resists no temptation to go and explore. When the wood-burning stove was installed in January, she climbed up the inside of the chimney, since she could, with the steel plate that had blocked it off before removed. This is, after all, how she survived her months of abandonment in the forest in the middle of the boucle de la Seine.

"Elle y a fait une crotte aussi, tu sais."

"J'ai vu." He didn't even sound aggravated with her for the little pooh she left where the closet was before.

"Elle a probablement fait un pipi aussi."


Pipi, I am sure you have divined, means "pee-pee". Let us hope that she did not saturate a corner of our lovely new concrete slab with her urine. Some things must be sacred, musn't they?

I was thinking I should let Sam go crazy with spray paint. Invite his friends over for a spray party. They can do the walls, too. That'd be fun for the next person to tear the room apart.

I'll get rid of the cat poop, though.

"C'est peut-être coincé dans le béton maintenant," offered my husband.

I shook my head no; it can't possibly be stuck in the hardened concrete.

Can it?

Below are the photos from the pour. There are a lot of them, but for those who have never seen a concrete slab being made, click on the Picasa icon to see the photos larger and read the captions. They will explain a little about how it is done.

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